Trip Beans: Dedicated husband, cool Dad of three, and experienced gamer takes to the stage to bring us up to speed on this global, colossal waste of time.

If you're a gamer yourself, you're fired up now. That's because you're in league with Trip, and you must come to defend your precious hobby from the onslaughts of Philistines masquerading as nice Americans with bright smiles.

If you're not a gamer, well, you know why you should come. Your mind needs expanding.

Expect some laughs, maybe some great graphics, and, as always the best coffee and winter-warming treats on the street.

That street happens to be Market Street at the Square Halo Gallery, just down the alley from Central Market.

Bring a friend or a frenemy. It's 5 bucks. What could go wrong?


Please come to support trip's recovery from comic book addiction. his family will thank you.