with James K.A. Smith, PhD

06 April 2018 7:00 PM

Wheatland Presbyterian Church | 1125 Columbia Ave. Lancaster, PA

$7.50 in Advance | $10.00 at Door | Free to Row House Members

  • Do you stand or kneel for the National Anthem?
  • Do you check your social media before or after you drink your morning coffee?
  • How do others know, beyond a shadow of doubt, what you love?

Could it be that the way we use our bodies says more about our personality, humanity, and spiritually than the ideas we say we say we believe in? Dr. Smith believes so.

In his critically acclaimed and popular book, You Are What You Love, he argues that we are more than “brains on sticks.” His talk will demonstrate the implications of seeing ourselves as creatures of habit, pursuing what we love through a myriad of choices.

James K.A. Smith is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI and the the author of the Cultural Liturgies trilogy and How (Not) to Be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor.

He also serves as Editor of Comment, a journal on public theology based in Canada. Please, for the love of Uncle Sam, don't hold that against him.