Our Vision

To engage current culture with ancient faith

Our Mission

To host public gatherings in Lancaster City that present a Christian viewpoint on critical cultural ideas, movements, and people

Our Approach

We showcase local presenters, encourage civil discussion, create memorable settings, and value live experiences.

Why The Row House Forum?

We exist to demonstrate cultural engagement both for the church at large and our city.  

  • Our live Forums showcase local practitioners of the Faith.
  • Our partnership with The Trust Performing Arts Center hosts world-renowned scholars, thinkers and doers.  
  • Our concerts showcase excellent artists with a redemptive impulse.
  • Our podcast archives our most outstanding talks for anyone to hear anytime.
  • Our Roadshow, featuring Tom Becker’s teaching and speaking outreach, takes the story of The Row House Forum throughout the country.
  • We are making an impact in the lives of believers who are looking for ways to share their faith with friends winsomely, naturally and honestly.
We are creating space in Lancaster where anyone can engage Christian ideas and have something to contribute to the conversation.

Christians in Lancaster have affected their culture in profound ways since the 18th century.  Today, the Church finds itself in a moment that equally demands engagement.  

We must not hide from,  give-in to or throw bricks at our culture. We must engage in the spirit of our Lord.

Nothing is not sacred.


  • Locality, often employing speakers from Lancaster and meeting at 413 College Avenue
  • Civility, creating an environment of listening and learning for the public good
  • Hospitality, always providing food, warmth and aesthetic touches
  • Creativity, demonstrating the serious joy of the Christian life  


  • Sponsor music events in local establishments 
  • Co-host The Trust Conversations in downtown Lancaster
  • Make presentations for churches and groups
  • Conduct professional workshops 
  • Maintain an online presence 
  • Produce podcasts, a print journal and blogs centered on the intersection of Christ and culture


Rev. Thomas D. Becker, MDiv., is the Founder and Director of The Row House, Inc since 2010. He will gladly speak for your group on a number of eclectic topics. Click HERE to see his rates and offerings.