Please note, the following recording is "raw." To skip the shuffling of chairs, banter, and announcements, fast-forward to minute 9. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy!

Does it really matter how we design our structures? Ask a honey bee. Better yet, attend our next Forum. Joshua Kiehl will reflect on why some types of architecture make us feel more human and other architecture makes us want to die. 

Josh will draw on his experience living in a vibrant, historical neighborhood, as as well as from basic design principles through the lens of Christian faith. And he'll be showing lots of pictures, so that's always fun. 

Bring your thoughts, questions and friends. As usual, coffee and treats provided. 

Here are some books you might want to buy and read on this topic: 


Joshua Kiehl

Joshua Kiehl is an architect with Entech Engineering, Inc. in Reading and lives in Lancaster's West End with his wife and two daughters. Recently, Joshua meticulously re-painted a vast amount of porch windows, and it was all worth it.