Hurricane Sandy was unpredictable. One minute she dumped rain, the next she beguiled us with calm. Though I’m relieved my in-laws in NJ came through unscathed, I have to admit to a bit of disappointment up here in Lancaster. After all, my candles and nifty oil lamps saw no action.

My speaking engagement schedule reminds me of Sandy. It’s either boring, brewing and bashing me with opportunities. There is no pattern. Gigs had been slim pickins for a few months, but November will be a lot busier.

I’m excited about speaking for a retreat, lecturing at our forums, preaching twice and even giving a dorm talk at Gordon College near Boston. Here’s my updated schedule for those who wish to plot my path.

Another encouraging development was the invitation to read and review Margie Haack’s memoir, The Exact Place. That review will be showing up in the Canadian ‘zine, Comment.

Unlike the destructive habits of a hurricane, this storm of activity will prove to be very constructive for us. Thanks to all of you who have been watching our progress.And this just in: Our Board approved our first Intern who will arrive in January. Chloe Rudman of Texas is a family friend, fresh out of Baylor University, who will be helping us with events, living in community with us and helping us set the DNA for future Residents of The Row House.