I write tag-lines for a living, it seems. My daughter Katie pointed out a reverse look at one my best ones in an article by David Fee in The Atlantic, Jan. 2, 2013.

We say, Nothing is Not Sacred, which is to say all of life is sacred because God created it all lovingly, purposefully and carefully.

We also love to laugh. We, at least my household and I, dig Monty Python’s Flying Circus (all the episodes, mind you, not just the oft-quoted Holy Grail).

Here’s Mr. Free’s take after a lengthy explanation of The Pythons’ brilliant and bawdy sense of humor:

Along with its language, England’s sense of humor is its finest export, and Python is English humor’s apotheosis. “Life’s a piece of shit / When you look at it.” True, but it’s hard to feel that way while watching Python. The troupe behaved as if nothing was sacred and everything was ridiculous. It is a deeply subversive attitude—and a deeply liberating one.

Liberating? I suppose so. Despair offers that side-effect. I’d prefer hope instead, to be honest.

All of life is infected with vanity and fallen-ness. That’s a serious condition and not all that funny. But it must be that reality, at its core, IS sacred. Why else, then, would need some comedic distance from it?