Last Saturday we hosted our first social media workshop featuring Ken Mueller of Inkling Media and Adam Grim of YDOP Marketing. On every front, a massive success.

The Square Halo Gallery on Market Street is a perfect spot, one we'll revisit for future forums.

And $25 for three hours of expert consultation? Fuggitaboutit. That's a bargain.

The overall impression from the participants was that we need to do more of these, so stay tuned.

Our guests ranged from three 20-somethings involved with T-shirt marketing to a college professor in Communications to several non-profit leaders to a journalist. Each one, like myself, needed a boost to make the most of the tools that often feel overwhelming.

Folks appreciated the smart yet very personal presentations by our two experts as well as the ample time for interaction.

Ken encouraged us to notuse social media merely as a platform for billboarding but as an interactive marketplaces of ideas. He calls this adopting a "social media mindset."

In so doing, we can crowd-source excellence and become participants in the growing collaborative economy.

Both presenters kept going back to the most powerful human tool we have, though, in building our enterprises: Word-of-Mouth.

The Row House relies heavily on the personal touch AND on the tools we have in social media to drive people to our events. It's an exciting time to be innovative, collaborative and human!

Thanks, Ken and Adam!