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We are pleased to partner for this non-ticketed event in the middle of a hot and humid Pennsylvania summer.

Expect some great food, readings, and conversation with two local authors.

Who is Christie Purifoy? Here she is in her own words from her website:

My name is Christie Purifoy. I live with my husband and four children at Maplehurst, a Victorian red brick farmhouse in southeastern Pennsylvania.

My first book Roots and Sky: A Journey Home in Four Seasons was published by Revell in 2016.

In 2010, I received a PhD in English Literature from the University of Chicago. A few years later I traded the classroom for a picket-fenced garden and an old writing desk. Today, I grow zucchini my four children refuse to eat. The zucchini-loving chickens are perfectly happy with this arrangement.

I believe that life, in all its pain and beauty and mystery, is a journey of love. Writing keeps my eyes wide-open to this astonishing reality.

I co-host the Out of the Ordinary podcast, write a twice-weekly column called ‘Cultivating Glory’ for Patheos, and am a regular contributor at In Touch magazine.

All we can say is that her book Placemaker: Cultivating Places of Comfort, Beauty, and Peace (Zondervan) is rich, vivid, moving, and imbued with a “theology of place.” Somehow she mixes nature observation with memoir and existential reflection.

Shawn Smucker has a web site too. We encourage you to check it out. He’s a poet, blogger, novelist, and full-time writer living in the city of Lancaster, PA. In his own words…

I think everyone’s looking for a place in the world – not a physical location as much as an emotional one. Just a tiny bit of space to set up shop, to exist.

Life hinted at where that space would be for me when I was a small boy and books picked me up and carried me away. If you came looking for me in the mid-80s you would have found me sitting on a large porch attached to a ramshackle farmhouse, reading about Narnia or the Shire, brushing away the flies, constantly saying, “Okay, mom, just one more chapter.”

But then, normal life, with all of its misleading promises and plastic desires, got in the way. I wandered. Geographically, I went to a hot city in Florida, an old village in England, and then back to Virginia. Emotionally, I traveled even further. Finally, after ten years of searching, I found stories again. Or maybe they found me.

Now I live in that place I was always trying to find. I wake up beside my beautiful wife, Maile. I make breakfast for my six children. I spend the rest of the day capturing stories, doing what Steinbeck called the impossible: trying to explain the inexplicable. Trying to transplant stories from my mind to yours.

Christie and Shawn intend to interact with each other at this party, and we’ll get to listen in.

Bring your friends, kids, neighbors, and questions. Books by both authors will be available to purchase. Signature game will be strong.