With Justin Geissinger

Thursday 12 Dec. 2019

Is the road to good health as simple as gettin’ movin’? Come hear what a passionate apologist for functional health has to say.

7:00 PM in The Square Halo Gallery

37 N. Market St.

Lancaster, PA

$10 in advance; $15 at door; Row House Members and one guest free


Our bodies, whether we like them or not, are our selves. We can’t escape our physicality, so why do we pretend we should or we can?

This is an issue both for the non-religious and the believers among us.

  • What does it look like to treat our bodies with respect?

  • How can we feel better?

  • What does it mean to embrace our humanity?

We hope you’ll join us for the healthiest Forum we’ve ever hosted!

Justin’s passion is to get people moving. He’ll tell us why and how. Our hunch is that he thinks highly of our bodies because he’s a Christian. That is, his faith doesn’t send him to a place of ignoring functional health; instead, it provides a framework and a fire for helping people honor God with their bodies.

As a physical therapist with Prana Functional Therapy in Lancaster, he daily works wonders for people. As a dad, husband, and neighbor, he can be seen moving through the streets on his bike or in his running shoes.

His personal project is called Refine Movement & Performance, a coaching resource that

exists to improve your current training habits through  improved movement efficiency and running intensity to help you achieve your goals.

Do you want to get some coaching? Or do you want to send him a question ahead of his Forum? Contact him here: refineperformance@gmail.com

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