Monday, April 29th at 7:00 PM

An Evening with Ted Turnau

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Author & Professor of Cultural Studies and Religion in Prague, Czech Republic

At The Becker Home

413 College Ave.
Dessert and discussion
No charge!

Ted will lead-off with some comments on Unexpected Sacred Ground: How to Engage Popular Culture as Christians and then we'll just chew the fat, so to speak.

He is very interested in how Christians use technology, as you can see from the picture above. And like me, he's interested in most everything, so let's have some fun with this guy!

Bring your questions, smart remarks, and appetite.

There is no charge, but let us know if you plan to make it. Hit the button below, or email me:

We'd like to keep the group to around 20.

Ted is a fine apologist for the Christian faith in our times. He is on furlough catching up with friends in Pennsylvania and wanted to make contact with The Row House.

His book Popapologetics is reviewed here by The Gospel Coalition.

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