All events occur at 7:00 in the Square Halo Gallery, 37 N. Market St., Lancaster, PA, unless noted. They always include Square One Coffee supplied by Cafe18 and outstanding light fare. $10.00 in advance; $15.00 at door; Row House Members plus one guest are free. Join here.

Here’s What’s Coming Down the Pike at The Row House Forum in 2019:

Friday 2/8/2019 at The Rabbit & Dragonfly Cafe, 51 N. Market Street, Lancaster, PA

Tapping Into Craft Beer Culture featuring Dr. Eric Bierker

The number of breweries in America more than doubled from 2011-2015. In PA alone, nearly 200 local breweries operate, fermenting a host of styles for a growing number of patrons. Home brewers produced 1.1 million barrels of the stuff in 2017. What explains this passion for craft beer? Is this a cultural trend to celebrate or fear? Join us for an immersive Forum, complete with samplings for a 21+ audience.

Our good friend Eric earned his Ph.D in Educational Psychology at Temple University. He serves the Northeastern York School District as a school counselor and occasional instructor. He is the author of On The Edge:Transitioning To College and writes regularly at his blog and in national media on beer, coffee, faith, culture, and travel.

Saturday 3/9/2019

That’s So Meta! How To Think About Thinking, God, and Ourselves featuring Dr. Esther Meek.

We’re going back to square one with this Forum. The technical term for our quest is epistemology. That is, how do we know what we know? How do we know what is true? Is anything knowable or worth knowing? If you’ve honestly, perhaps silently, asked those questions, Dr. Meek’s presentation is for you. Drawing on the ancient notion of covenant relationships as well as the tenets of tacit reasoning in the works of Michael Polanyi, Esther winsomely argues that all of us are created to know and to be known.

Dr. Meek is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA, a visiting Professor of Apologetics at Redeemer Seminary, and a freelance writer and speaker. She is the author of Longing to Know: The Philosophy of Knowledge for Ordinary People and her current project is Contact with Reality: Michael Polanyi’s Realism and Why it Matters.

Friday 4/5 In The Trust Performing Arts Center Great Hall

The Grassroots Movement to Fix Healthcare: Cutting Through The Money Games And Restoring Medicine To Its Mission featuring Dr. Martin Makary

Healthcare is a black box of secrecy to most of us common folk. From understanding the prices of procedures to the ever-changing hospital arms-race to the quagmire of public/private insurance plans, most of us just grin and bear it. But from the inside, Dr. Makary has been laboring to reform the culture of protectionism and cronyism that hinders common sense care. Watch a TV episode of The Resident, and get ready to meet the series’ inspiration. His influential book, Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won't Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care, caught the attention of Hollywood and became the show’s inspiration.

His rare appearance in Central PA will keep your attention too. We are glad to welcome him for an evening of cultural engagement at its finest along with a reception and book signing.

Marty, as Tom & Becky knew him at Bucknell University in the early 1990’s, practices surgical oncology and advanced laparoscopic surgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and teaches public health policy at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He has served in the United Nations World Health Organization for the Safe Surgery Saves Lives initiative and was named one of the most influential people in healthcare by Health Magazine. He has appeared on NBC and Fox News and written for numerous, national media outlets. Marty grew up in Danville, Pennsylvania and holds degrees from Bucknell University, Thomas Jefferson University, and Harvard University.

Thursday 5/9/2019

The Roots of Addiction featuring Robert Fair

In 2016, 4,642 Pennsylvanians died of drug overdoses. That’s thirteen human beings each day on average. And the rate of overdoses of all kinds continues to rise. What is at the root of these and other addictions?

Mr. Fair will suggest a connection between our experience with attachment in our youngest years and our thirst for satisfaction as we get older. We are a marvelous mess, humans. But there is hope.

Drawing on his own extensive experience as a licensed counselor, and considering the work of bonding researchers like Dr. Sue Johnson, Bob will lead us into the mysterious, sometimes painful theater of our emotions. Please join this critical conversation if you or someone you love is battling dependence on opioids, pornography, alcohol, or even “less destructive” behaviors such as gambling, gluttony, and perfectionism. This Forum could literally save a life.

Robert Fair, MA LPC, is certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. His practice is in West Chester, PA.