We had a wonderful time with one of our heroes, Steve Taylor, on 24-25Feb2016.

Mr. Squint took the stage on Wednesday evening to answer a few questions from Fred McNaughton of WJTL.

Then, Mike Douglass-style, Tom roamed the Great Hall of The Trust Performing Arts Center with a mic, allowing long-time fans and newbies to hear from Steve on the calling of entertainment, Christian mediocrity in the arts, and his own favorite recordings.

Not to be outdone by Tom's frenetic energy, Steve stayed in the Gallery during our refreshment time to interact with fans until 10:00PM. He then joined a few friends for drinks at The Dispensing Company.

And that was just beginning.

Next morning found Steve giving a talk with slides at Lancaster Bible College's chapel. He won his mostly young audience by reminding them that he wrote the Newsboys song Shine. He knows how to work an audience made up of 90's children raised in Christian homes.

Then Dr. Rob Bigley hosted Mr. Taylor for an informal lunch and discussion with performing arts students. Their questions about music business, character, and calling were cogent and heart-felt.

Steve engaged with the undergrads winsomely and energetically, just as we expected.

Here's to everyone's favorite Clone and Bannerman. Thanks, Steve, for an outstanding visit.