with Sophia Bachmann

A former college recruiter reveals the secrets of admission, how to make it on campus, and why college is (or isn’t) your calling.

Friday Oct 11th, 7:00 PM in The Square Halo Gallery

37 N. Market St., Lancaster, PA

$10 in advance through Eventbrite only; $15 at the door; Row House Members always free plus one guest!

Enjoy Square One Coffee compliments of Cafe OneEight and some kind of yummy snack.

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College is big business.

One stroll through a university student center will show you it’s not your grandparents’ campus anymore. Cafeterias? Hardly. Starbucks, check. Acai bowls? Check.

And then there’s the predatory student loan monster we’ve all come to submit to. Someone’s making a ton of money from all this book learning, social jockeying, and resume padding.

  • Is it even worth it?

  • Is college for everyone?

  • How can prospective students and overwhelmed parents make wise choices about higher education?

  • Are there better ways to prepare for professional life?

These questions, and the ones you bring, will be considered by our friend Sophia. Being the youngest child of a pro-academic family, she had visited 50 different institutions before she went to her own college.

Together with her role as Admissions Counselor at The King’s College in New York City, we’d say this young woman has quite a breadth of knowledge and experience with the college transition.

She comes to this Forum with contagious energy, much positivism, and informed opinions about the process.

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