In the video below, Tom talks about the benefits of getting engaged as a Row House Member. Ignore the bit about June 30th, 2017; our campaign is ongoing!

Join more than a forum.

Join A Movement.


More than a forum, It's a movement.

As many of you may know, the Row House Forum has had an amazing year. We've grown from a small meet up to monthly attendance of 40 plus people. With every new topic, we are blessed to see new faces and make new friends. We truly believe we see the beginning of a stirring in our community and greater society. 

As our forum continues to grow, we are launching a few new opportunities for community building and conversation starting. Our small group discussions and book club will begin in the fall of 2017, and Tom, our Founder and Curator, will be launching his first book as well. But beyond the walls of our current forum venue, the Square Halo Gallery, we see the Row House Forum playing a bigger part in the evolving story of Lancaster. 


Momentum that moves mountains.

We want to go into our 2017/2018 season with the momentum to move mountains and make a difference in our Lancaster community.


Your support will allow us to:

  • Continue to book more high-profile speakers
  • Extend our marketing efforts and reach
  • Increase our offerings with things like the upcoming book club
  • Hire a much needed part-time administrative assistant
  • Further our mission to engage current culture with ancient faith.
  • And much more

Yes, there are some awesome perks:

Free Entry Into Every Forum (2 tickets per forum) 

You + a friend, family member, spouse, or stranger will have access to all of the Row House Forums for our 2017/2018 season. Ticket prices at the door are $10 a piece, so you'll be saving over $100 because we know you'll want to be there every month with the line up we have in-store.

Free Subscription to The Front Porch

The Front Porch is our bi-annual magazine chock-full of Row House reviews, artwork, and contributions from our Forums and many other sources. It's a fantastic little publication that makes for a great read for anyone who has enjoyed our forums. You'll love it!

Tax Deductible Donation

Your membership to the Row House Forum is a tax deductible donation. You'll receive a statement noting your donation that can be used to verify your membership and specify your donation. We know it's not all about the money... but hey, it's a nice perk, right?


Poster Perk

As a thank you to anyone who becomes a member by June 30th we are giving them a poster designed and signed by our dear friend and Square Halo Gallery Curator, Ned Bustard.

Get Yours Today